Mozilla L10n Meetup – Kolkata 17

Hello Buddies!

Mozilla Localization meetup India(Bangladesh & Nepal) had it’s annual meetup on 18th & 19th of November at Swissotel, Kolkata.  This was totally an UnConference one and the agenda of this event is created by the localizers who attended the meetup.This meetup was organized by Jeff, Flod and Peiying Mo from l10n driver team.

Prior to sharing my experience, I’d like to thank my community manager Mr.Arun Kumar (ta) for giving me this wonderful opportunity. It’s been more than two years since I have been actively associated with Localization.

I got the invitation from our community driver Jeff on 5th of October. I was literally speechless at the moment, because this was my first meetup up with the mozilians from other community and excited af about this meetup !!!

The selection was made based on the few criteria mentioned below:

  1. Recent high volume/quality translation activity (3 months)
  2. Leading/managing community l10n projects
  3. New localizers with recent, high volume/quality activity, and a unique perspective
  4. Vocal participation in communication channels
  5. Testing Pontoon and providing feedback by filing bugs

The days were nearing. Excitement was growing all over me. I contacted Ammar and we decided to travel together.Then finally the day came where we met at the Madurai airport. Hell Yeaaah the journey begins. After relishing the fantabulous first flight experience reached KOLKATA by 22:00 hrs . Then we reached the hotel with the help of Bala bro. I met Bala anna and Dinesh anna for the first time there in a hotel and both are amazingly friendly and incredibly helpful.

L to R - Ammar, Bala and Me
Mozilla Tamil l10N team ❤

DAY- 1

First time i saw the persons who are all i talked in chats only, after refreshment had a nice breakfast.

Mozilla L10N driver Jeff

The event started by 09:30 hrs and Jeff initiated the session by sharing the Mozilla L10N missions and the roles of l10n drivers. 

Our mission is to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. An Internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.

Then Jeff told us that ” This meeting is fully for you ” so, you are going to create an agenda on what to discuss. We (L10n drivers) simply sat back and listened, but It would be more of a  collaborative discussion kind of workshop. This felt like ” It’s our own meetup! ” And an entirely different one.

Then we gathered our ideas as an event agenda and based on the votes the topics were picked for discussion. Within 30 mins we made an agenda for the day and around  30 – 40 mins was allocated for each topic.

Agenda for day 1:

  1. Mission and vision
  2. Recruiting & training
  3. How to know usage stats
  4. Regular localizer appreciation
  5. Leadership transition guidelines
  6. Machine Learning + l10n
  7. Developer tools localized or not?
  8. Transvision and l10n tool performance

we wound up the session around 17:00 hrs that day and by the end of the day we went to our rooms and got refreshed. We also served ourself a tummy full Candle Light team dinner in a nearby restaurant XII Zodiac. XII Zodiac was just furing with spicy stuff.

Candle light dinner

After a mini chitty chatty & gossip sessions and we decided to leave. There was also a plan of going someplace in the early morning the next day.

Now, Adios to Day 1…

Day 2:

We went to the Dakshineswar Kali Temple  07:00 as we had planned. And came back to meetup few mins late yet somehow  managed. Like yesterday, the same process went on and topics selected.

Agenda for day 2:

  1. Testing in pontoon
  2. How to fix bug
  3. Conflict management
  4. Promotion & Marketing
  5. Pontoon API

For more detailed information Click here !


Each topic just made the session more interactive and useful. In the afternoon, we had enough time to interact with other community members and L10n drivers as well. Finally, we submitted the event feedback and ended up with a memorable group photo and ofcourse the selfies and groupies 😛

Mozilla India L10N Community

As a fact that “ Mozilla never fails to amaze us ” yes I talk about swags!

Friends of lion ❤


Thank you Biraj for taken care of our hospitality…..


Some memorable moments:

With Jeff……!!!
With Peiying Mo and Flod….
These guys ❤
Dakshineswar Kali Temple visit
This guy…..
MozParty ❤

Signing off for now..!!Yours lovingly, Selva Makilan..!

See you very soon with another stupefying moment of fun and privilege..

Thank you!!



Published by: selva makilan

I Makilan Rajkumar, certified Digital Marketing Analyst, A Banker and open source enthusiast joined in Mozilla as a Firefox Student Ambassador in 2015. I also serving as a Mentor of Geolocation Service task force of my community and passionate towards localization. I localized Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), Support Mozilla (SUMO), Hello web curriculum articles and also contributing to localizing the projects like Firefox,, Firefox for Android etc..... Social Media team lead of MozillaTN community and club lead of Mozilla Tanjore and Trichy. Apart from Mozilla, I'm a Mechanical Engineer, I'd like to travel lot, Nature Enthusiast, Trekking and Adventure lover.

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